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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
arm4::QArmApplicationRepresents an instance of an executing application
arm4::QArmApplicationDefinitionDescribes the attributes of an application that do not change from one instance of the application to another
arm4::QArmApplicationRemoteRepresents an instance of an application executing on a remote system
arm4::QArmBlockCauseDescribes the cause of a blocking condition
arm4::QArmCorrelatorRepresents a correlation token passed from a calling transaction to a called transaction
arm4::util::QArmCorrelatorEnvironmentRepresents an ARM correlator within the current environment
arm4::util::QArmCorrelatorUserRepresents a correlation token generated by the user
arm4::QArmDefinitionBase class for any ARM definition class.It provides the methods for the QArmID and name of the definition
arm4::QArmIDImplements an immutable wrapper around a 16-byte ID
arm4::QArmIdentityPropertiesContains metadata attributes that are part of the identity of an application or a transaction
arm4::QArmIdentityPropertiesTransactionExtends QArmIdentityProperties for transactions by adding a URI property
arm4::QArmInterfaceThe root of the inheritance hierarchy for almost all ARM interfaces
arm4::util::QArmLockGuardIs a mutex wrapper that provides a convenient RAII-style mechanism for owning an QArmMutex for the duration of a scoped block
arm4::QArmMessageEventIs a superclass for all the message event type interfaces
arm4::QArmMessageEventGroupIs a container for an array of QArmMessageEvent instances
arm4::QArmMetricThe base class for all the metric interfaces
arm4::QArmMetricCounter32Implements a 32-bit integer counter
arm4::QArmMetricCounter32DefinitionMarks a metadata binding
arm4::QArmMetricCounter64Implements a 64-bit integer counter
arm4::QArmMetricCounter64DefinitionMarks a metadata binding
arm4::QArmMetricCounterFloat32Implements a 32-bit floating-point counter
arm4::QArmMetricCounterFloat32DefinitionMarks a metadata binding
arm4::QArmMetricDefinitionThe base class for all the metric definition interfaces
arm4::QArmMetricGauge32Implements a 32-bit integer gauge
arm4::QArmMetricGauge32DefinitionMarks a metadata binding
arm4::QArmMetricGauge64Implements a 64-bit integer gauge
arm4::QArmMetricGauge64DefinitionMarks a metadata binding
arm4::QArmMetricGaugeFloat32Implements a 32-bit floating-point gauge
arm4::QArmMetricGaugeFloat32DefinitionMarks a metadata binding
arm4::QArmMetricGroupIs used to bind objects that implement a subclass of QArmMetric to an QArmTransactionWithMetricsDefinition or QArmTranReportWithMetricsDefinition object
arm4::QArmMetricGroupDefinitionIs used to bind QArmMetricDefinition objects to an QArmTransactionWithMetricsDefinition or QArmTranReportWithMetricsDefinition object
arm4::QArmMetricNumericId32Implements a 32-bit integer numeric ID
arm4::QArmMetricNumericId32DefinitionMarks a metadata binding
arm4::QArmMetricNumericId64Implements a 64-bit integer numeric ID
arm4::QArmMetricNumericId64DefinitionMarks a metadata binding
arm4::QArmMetricString32Implements a string of 1 to 32 characters
arm4::QArmMetricString32DefinitionMarks a metadata binding
arm4::util::QArmMutexRepresents a mutal exclusive instance for sequentialize access to critical sections
arm4::util::QArmSimpleTransactionClass defining an interface to measure response times of so-called transactions
arm4::QArmSystemAddressEncapsulates the network addressing information for a system
arm4::QArmTimestampAbstract interface which is a superclass of specific timestamp formats
arm4::QArmTranReportTransaction instance for application-based and/or remote time measurement
arm4::QArmTranReportWithMetricsA subclass of QArmTranReport that is used if the application wishes to use metrics
arm4::QArmTransactionThe unit of work representation central to the ARM model
arm4::util::QArmTransactionCountDownA counting down transaction container for stopping a started when the initialized number of events occured
arm4::util::QArmTransactionCountDownOnceA counting down transaction container for stopping a started when the initialized number of events occured
arm4::QArmTransactionDefinitionContains the metadata that is the same for all instances of a transaction type
arm4::util::QArmTransactionEventCounterAn event handling ARM transaction container. The transaction is started if the first event started and stopped when the last event finished
arm4::util::QArmTransactionSupportBaseBase class for ARM transaction support classes
arm4::QArmTransactionWithMetricsA subclass of QArmTransaction that is used if the application wishes to use metrics
arm4::QArmTransactionWithMetricsDefinitionSubclasses QArmTransactionDefinition to add a binding with an QArmMetricGroupDefinition
arm4::QArmUserRepresents a user on behalf of whom a transaction is executed
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