arm4::QArmApplicationRemote Class Reference
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Represents an instance of an application executing on a remote system. More...

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arm4::QArmApplication arm4::QArmInterface

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Public Member Functions

 QArmApplicationRemote (const QArmApplicationDefinition &definition, const QArmSystemAddress &systemAddress, const QString &group=NullString, const QString &instance=NullString, const QVector< QString > &contextValues=NullVector)
 Constructs an QArmApplicationRemote.
const QArmSystemAddressgetSystemAddress () const

Detailed Description

Represents an instance of an application executing on a remote system.

It differs from QArmApplication in that QArmApplication represents an application executing on the local system.

QArmApplicationRemote provides an anchor point for associating QArmTranReport objects with a system's network address. It adds the following attribute to those in QArmApplication:

  • System address. The system address is the address (format and address byte array) of the system.
ARM Working Group of The Open Group, MyARM GmbH

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

arm4::QArmApplicationRemote::QArmApplicationRemote ( const QArmApplicationDefinition definition,
const QArmSystemAddress systemAddress,
const QString &  group = NullString,
const QString &  instance = NullString,
const QVector< QString > &  contextValues = NullVector 

Constructs an QArmApplicationRemote.

Creates an QArmApplicationRemote. If systemAddress is QArmSystemAddress::Null, the addressing information for the local system is used.

definition Metadata describing the type of the ARM application.
systemAddress Address of the remote system the application is executing on.
group Name of the group the application belongs to. May be a NullString.
instance Name this application instance is given. May be a NullString.
contextValues An array of strings providing the value parts of (name,value) context properties. May be a NullVector.
the parameter order is changed from the Java spec since C++ supports parameter overloading and the remote application is used to create an remote application!

Member Function Documentation

const QArmSystemAddress& arm4::QArmApplicationRemote::getSystemAddress (  )  const
the system address of the system executing the application.

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