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The base class for all the metric interfaces. More...

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arm4::QArmInterface arm4::QArmMetricCounter32 arm4::QArmMetricCounter64 arm4::QArmMetricCounterFloat32 arm4::QArmMetricGauge32 arm4::QArmMetricGauge64 arm4::QArmMetricGaugeFloat32 arm4::QArmMetricNumericId32 arm4::QArmMetricNumericId64 arm4::QArmMetricString32

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Public Member Functions

const QArmMetricDefinitiongetDefinition ()

Detailed Description

The base class for all the metric interfaces.

The common behavior of all metric subclasses is:

  • getDefinition() returns the descriptive metadata (name, units, usage, ID) about the metric. The returned object will be the appropriate subclass of QArmMetricDefinition
  • Each subclass is also expected to implement get() and set() methods that take and/or return data of the appropriate type for the subclass. These methods are not defined in this interface because they have different signatures, depending on the type of metric.

Objects that implement a subclass of QArmMetric are used with QArmTransactionWithMetrics and / or QArmTranReportWithMetrics. They are bound via QArmMetricGroup when the QArmTransactionWithMetrics or QArmTranReportWithMetrics instance is created. Each QArmMetric instance can be bound to any number of transaction instances.

Setting the value of the QArmMetric instance effectively sets the value for all the transaction instances to which it is bound. The value affects each QArmTransactionWithMetrics instance the next time a QArmTransaction::start(), QArmTransaction::update(), or QArmTransaction::stop() is executed on the instance. The value affects each QArmTranReportWithMetrics instance the next time a QArmTranReport::report() is executed on the instance.

This class cannot be instantiated.

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Member Function Documentation

const QArmMetricDefinition& arm4::QArmMetric::getDefinition (  ) 
the descriptive metadata (name, units, usage, ID) about the metric.

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