arm4::QArmID Class Reference
[Unique ARM ID]

Implements an immutable wrapper around a 16-byte ID. More...

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Public Member Functions

 QArmID ()
 Ctor, generating a null ID.
 QArmID (const uint8_t id[16])
 Ctor, copying the id from an char buffer.
 QArmID (const QArmID &id)

Static Public Attributes

static const QArmID Null
 A null ID.

Detailed Description

Implements an immutable wrapper around a 16-byte ID.

IDs may be used to identify metadata about applications, transactions, metrics, systems, and users. The ID may be a standard DCE UUID (universally unique identifier) but need not be. Any unique 16-byte value will suffice. There is no central registry of IDs that would guarantee uniqueness. Programs creating these IDs are expected to use an algorithm that will take advantage of the available 128 bits to create an ID for which there will be a vanishingly small probability of its being a duplicate of an ID created by another program.

ARM Working Group of The Open Group, MyARM GmbH

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

arm4::QArmID::QArmID ( const QArmID id  )  [inline]

Copy ctor.

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