OpenGroup::arm40::Provisional::metric::IArmMetricString32 Interface Reference
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IArmMetricString32 implements a string of 1 to 32 characters. More...

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OpenGroup::arm40::Provisional::metric::IArmMetric OpenGroup::arm40::Provisional::transaction::IArmInterface

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Public Member Functions

string get ()
 Gets the string value.
int set (string value)
 Sets the string value.

Detailed Description

IArmMetricString32 is created with the newArmMetricString32() method of ArmMetricFactory.

It is the same as ARM 2.0 metric type=10 (ARM_String32), with two differences:

  • The characters are in the C# internal representation and are converted to UTF-8 within the agent.
  • The limit of 32 in the ARM 2.0 C language interface is a byte limit. The limit in the ARM 4.0 C bindings is a character limit. Because a character may be represented by more than one byte (e.g., a character in UTF-8 is represented as 1, 2, or 3 bytes), the ARM 4.0 C metric may be longer than 32 bytes.

Objects implementing this interface are created using IArmMetricFactory.newArmMetricString32

Member Function Documentation

string OpenGroup::arm40::Provisional::metric::IArmMetricString32::get (  ) 
the string value.
int OpenGroup::arm40::Provisional::metric::IArmMetricString32::set ( string  value  ) 
value new string value.
0 on sucess; otherwise, a non-zero error code is returned (as specified in OpenGroup.arm40.Provisional.transaction.IArmInterface /returns>

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