OpenGroup::arm40::Provisional::metric::IArmMetricGauge64 Interface Reference
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IArmMetricGauge64 implements a 64-bit integer gauge. More...

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OpenGroup::arm40::Provisional::metric::IArmMetric OpenGroup::arm40::Provisional::transaction::IArmInterface

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Public Member Functions

long get ()
 Gets the gauge value.
int set (long value)
 Sets the gauge value.

Detailed Description

Objects implementing this interface are created using IArmMetricFactory.newArmMetricGauge64

It is the same as ARM 2.0 metric type=5 (ARM_Gauge64).

Member Function Documentation

long OpenGroup::arm40::Provisional::metric::IArmMetricGauge64::get (  ) 
the gauge value.
int OpenGroup::arm40::Provisional::metric::IArmMetricGauge64::set ( long  value  ) 
value new gauge value.
0 on sucess; otherwise, a non-zero error code is returned (as specified in OpenGroup.arm40.Provisional.transaction.IArmInterface

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