ARM 4.0 string metric
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A string is used in the same way that a numeric ID is used. More...


typedef const arm_char_tarm_metric_string32_t
 32 character wide string type.

Detailed Description

A string is used in the same way that a numeric ID is used.

It is an identifier, not a measurement value. Examples are part numbers, names, and messages.

ARM supports one string type:

Processing multiple values of the same numeric id

The last value passed when any of the arm_start_transaction(), arm_update_transaction(), or arm_stop_transaction() calls is made will be the value attributed to the transaction instance. For example, if a value is valid at arm_start_transaction() but not when any arm_update_transaction() or arm_stop_transaction() executes, the value passed at the arm_start_transaction() is used. If a value is valid when arm_start_transaction() executes and when arm_stop_transaction() executes, the value when arm_stop_transaction() executes is the value for the transaction instance. This convention is identical to the numeric ID convention.

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