QArm4/Util/QArmMutex File Reference

QArmMutex class header file. More...

#include <QMutex>
#include <QMutexLocker>


class  arm4::util::QArmMutex
 Represents a mutal exclusive instance for sequentialize access to critical sections. More...
class  arm4::util::QArmLockGuard
 Is a mutex wrapper that provides a convenient RAII-style mechanism for owning an QArmMutex for the duration of a scoped block. More...


namespace  arm4

Namespace of the ARM 4.0/ARM 4.1 C++ wrapper.

namespace  arm4::util

Namespace of utility classes which are not covered by the ARM 4.0/ARM 4.1 Java standard.

Detailed Description

QArmMutex class header file.

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