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Extends ArmIdentityProperties for transactions by adding a URI property. More...

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Public Member Functions

String getURIValue ()

Detailed Description

Extends ArmIdentityProperties for transactions by adding a URI property.

Unlike the other identity properties, the URI property is implicitly named.

Like other identity properties, it is the same for all instances of the same transaction, and is immutable. In practice, this means that the URI value may be truncated from the URI that is actually used. In particular, parameters that are appended to the end of a URI will often be truncated because they are often different each time the URI is invoked. In this case, the parameters might be provided as part of the URI context value of an ArmTransaction object.

Objects implementing this interface are created using ArmTransactionFactory#newArmIdentityPropertiesTransaction.

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Member Function Documentation

String org.opengroup.arm40.transaction.ArmIdentityPropertiesTransaction.getURIValue (  ) 
the string representing the URI value, if any. The maximum length is ArmConstants#PROPERTY_URI_MAX_LENGTH characters. The returned value will be null if the value is set to null.

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