org.opengroup.arm40.transaction.ArmErrorCallback Interface Reference

An error callback interface to be implemented by the application. More...

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void errorCodeSet (ArmInterface errorObject, String interfaceName, String methodName)
 Callback method called by the ARM implementation.

Detailed Description

An error callback interface to be implemented by the application.


The use of ArmErrorCallback is optional.

ArmErrorCallback is different from all the other ARM interfaces because instead of the ARM implementation creating objects that implement the interface, the application creates an object that implements it. The application can create an ArmErrorCallback and register it with the setErrorCallback() method of one of the ARM factory classes. If the registration is accepted, anytime a method results in an error, the ARM implementation:

There are no expected or required behaviors for the implementation of errorCodeSet().

Examples of things a callback method may do are:

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Member Function Documentation

void org.opengroup.arm40.transaction.ArmErrorCallback.errorCodeSet ( ArmInterface  errorObject,
String  interfaceName,
String  methodName 

Callback method called by the ARM implementation.

All parameters must contain non-null values.

errorObject a reference to the ARM implementation's object that detected the error. The callback method can use the getErrorCode() of errorObject to get the error code value, which will be negative.
interfaceName the name of an interface in one of the ARM specification packages.
methodName the name of a method in that interface.

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