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A subclass of ArmTransaction that is used if the application wishes to use metrics. More...

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org.opengroup.arm40.transaction.ArmTransaction org.opengroup.arm40.transaction.ArmInterface

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Public Member Functions

ArmTransactionWithMetricsDefinition getTransactionWithMetricsDefinition ()
ArmMetricGroup getMetricGroup ()

Detailed Description

A subclass of ArmTransaction that is used if the application wishes to use metrics.

All the org.opengroup.arm40.transaction.ArmTransaction rules for using start(), stop(), etc., apply to this interface. It extends ArmTransaction by adding methods to manipulate metrics. The ArmMetric subclass objects are bound to an ArmTransactionWithMetrics object when it is created. This is done by specifying ArmMetricGroup in the newArmTransactionWithMetrics() method of ArmMetricFactory.

Objects implementing this interface are created using ArmMetricFactory#newArmTransactionWithMetrics.

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Member Function Documentation

ArmMetricGroup org.opengroup.arm40.metric.ArmTransactionWithMetrics.getMetricGroup (  ) 
the object that was bound when ArmTransactionWithMetrics is created. The returned value may be null.
ArmTransactionWithMetricsDefinition org.opengroup.arm40.metric.ArmTransactionWithMetrics.getTransactionWithMetricsDefinition (  ) 
the object that contains the metadata describing this transaction, including the metric definitions.

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