org.opengroup.arm40.metric.ArmMetricString32 Interface Reference
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Implements a string of 1 to 32 characters. More...

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org.opengroup.arm40.metric.ArmMetric org.opengroup.arm40.transaction.ArmInterface

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Public Member Functions

String get ()
 Gets the string value.
int set (String s)
 Sets the string value.

Detailed Description

Implements a string of 1 to 32 characters.

It is the same as ARM 2.0 metric type=10 (ARM_String32), with two differences:

  • The characters are in the Java standard UCS-2 format.
  • The limit of 32 in the ARM 2.0 C language interface is a byte limit. The limit in the ARM 4.0 C bindings is a character limit. Because a character may be represented by more than one byte (e.g., a character in UTF-8 is represented as 1, 2, or 3 bytes), the ARM 4.0 C metric may be longer than 32 bytes.

Objects implementing this interface are created using ArmMetricFactory#newArmMetricString32.

ARM Working Group of The Open Group

Member Function Documentation

String org.opengroup.arm40.metric.ArmMetricString32.get (  ) 

Gets the string value.

the string value.
int org.opengroup.arm40.metric.ArmMetricString32.set ( String  s  ) 

Sets the string value.

s new string value.
0 on sucess; otherwise, a non-zero error code is returned (as specified in org.opengroup.arm40.transaction.ArmInterface).

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