org.opengroup.arm40.metric.ArmMetricGaugeFloat32 Interface Reference
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Implements a 32-bit floating-point gauge. More...

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org.opengroup.arm40.metric.ArmMetric org.opengroup.arm40.transaction.ArmInterface

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Public Member Functions

float get ()
 Gets the gauge value.
int set (float value)
 Sets the gauge value.

Detailed Description

Implements a 32-bit floating-point gauge.

It is roughly equivalent to the ARM 2.0 metric type=6 (ARM_GaugeDivr32). Instead of providing two integer values that can be divided to produce a floating-point value, which is what was done in the C bindings for ARM 2.0 and ARM 4.0, a floating-point value is provided directly.

Objects implementing this interface are created using ArmMetricFactory#newArmMetricGaugeFloat32.

ARM Working Group of The Open Group

Member Function Documentation

float org.opengroup.arm40.metric.ArmMetricGaugeFloat32.get (  ) 

Gets the gauge value.

the gauge value.
int org.opengroup.arm40.metric.ArmMetricGaugeFloat32.set ( float  value  ) 

Sets the gauge value.

value new gauge value.
0 on sucess; otherwise, a non-zero error code is returned (as specified in org.opengroup.arm40.transaction.ArmInterface).

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