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Marks a metadata binding. More...

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arm4::ArmMetricDefinition arm4::ArmInterface

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Public Member Functions

 ArmMetricGauge64Definition (const ArmApplicationDefinition &app, const std::string &name, const std::string &units, int16_t usage, const ArmID &id=ArmID::Null)
 Constructs a new metadata instance.

Detailed Description

Marks a metadata binding.

This is a subclass of ArmMetricDefinition serving as a marker interface that binds the metadata in ArmMetricDefinition to the metric data type, and describes an object interface that can be instantiated. No new methods beyond those in ArmMetricDefinition are added.

ARM Working Group of The Open Group, MyARM GmbH

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

arm4::ArmMetricGauge64Definition::ArmMetricGauge64Definition ( const ArmApplicationDefinition app,
const std::string &  name,
const std::string &  units,
int16_t  usage,
const ArmID id = ArmID::Null 
) [inline]

Constructs a new metadata instance.

app metadata about the containing application.
name name for this definition.
units units description, or NullString.
usage One of ArmMetricDefinition::METRIC_USE_GENERAL, ArmMetricDefinition::METRIC_USE_TRAN_SIZE, ArmMetricDefinition::METRIC_USE_TRAN_STATUS, or an application-specific negative value.
id ID provided by the application for this metric definition, or ArmID::Null.

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