ARM 4.0 Properties
[ARM 4.0]

ARM 4.0/4.1 uses two types of properties to describe applications and transactions: "identity" properties (for applications and transactions), and "context" properties (for applications and transactions). More...


 Identity properties

An identity property is a property that has the same name and value for all instances of an application or transaction.

 Context properties

A context property name is the same for all instances of an application or transaction, but each instance may have different values.

Detailed Description

Each property consists of a name string and a value string.

They differ based on when the names and/or values are set, as shown in the following table

Type of Property Same for all InstancesMay Vary per Instance
Identity Property (applications and transactions) Name and Value 
Context Property (applications and transactions) NameValue

When deciding which property type to use, instrumenters should be aware of the trade-offs:

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