ARM 4.0 Metrics
[ARM 4.0]


class  arm4::ArmMetric
 The base class for all the metric interfaces. More...
class  arm4::ArmMetricDefinition
 The base class for all the metric definition interfaces. More...
class  arm4::ArmTransactionWithMetrics
 A subclass of ArmTransaction that is used if the application wishes to use metrics. More...
class  arm4::ArmTransactionWithMetricsDefinition
 Subclasses ArmTransactionDefinition to add a binding with an ArmMetricGroupDefinition. More...


 ARM 4.0 Metric Counters
 ARM 4.0 Metric Gauges
 ARM 4.0 Metric Numeric IDs
 ARM 4.0 Metric Strings

Detailed Description

Metrics are provided for executing transactions.

ARM supports nine data types. The data types are grouped in four categories. The categories are counters, gauges, numeric IDs, and strings.

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